Here is more free that we got from BzzAgent!  We received Tiny Toast cereal in Strawberry and Blueberry.  As soon as we taste these I will review them.

We received the Borden Good2Gether snack tray for free from BzzAgent.  First off one of my daughters(pictured above) absolutely loved these trays, she loves cheese and she said, "Momma this cheese is amazing, your going to have to get more of these!"  She loved the taste of the cheese but also she loved the combination of the pretzel with the cheese.  My other daughter, who is not a fan of cheese decided to try one of these and she even said the cheese tasted so good!  Needless to say we will be buying these adorable little snack trays from now on.  This is just another example of had we not gotten it from BzzAgent to try for free we honestly wouldn't have known about it, so a huge thank you to BzzAgent for allowing us to try so many products!!

 My latest campaign from BzzAgent is Weight Watchers and it is their new cereal.  I received Oat Clusters with Cherries & Almonds and Frosted Shredded Wheat with Protein for free to try from BzzAgent.  The Oat Clusters with Cherries & Almonds has real cherries and wow do they really give this cereal an amazing punch of flavor!!  This cereal has a great crunch as well and it honestly kept me full for about four hours!  Now on to the Shredded Wheat flavor, I liked this one, it had a sweet but not too sweet flavor and it held me for around three hours!  My favorite out of the two was definitely the Oat Clusters with Cherries & Almonds.  You really should give this cereal a try!

This is one of my latest Bzz campaigns and it is Starbucks Veranda Blonde Roast K-Cups!  I really want to start by saying that if you like a light roast this is not for you!!  This coffee is a very strong roast for me and I typically add a lot of cream to my coffee but for this roast I had to add almost double to what I already add.  I liked that  this roast was not bitter at all and it had a rich flavor but like I said, for me a little too strong for my taste!!  But I am so grateful that I was able to try this for free from BzzAgent!!

This is another one of my Bzz Campaigns and one of my favorites!!  I love, love , loved trying the Special K Coffee House Breakfast Shakes!!  I was sent the Chocolate Mocha and the Vanilla Cappuccino to try and they both had great flavors that weren't overwhelming.  The chocolate mocha is such a great blend of coffee and chocolate!  I had this for breakfast a few days ago and it really kept me full throughout my morning and gave me a kick of energy!  The vanilla cappuccino had a great flavor as well, with vanilla and coffee flavors.  I had this for a snack and the it also kept me full until dinner time and gave me a kick of energy as well!  I really recommend these shakes, they are so good!!

This is my tenth BzzAgent Campaign and maybe one of the yummiest so far!!  I absolutely love the brand Quaker and when I was invited to this campaign I was so excited, because I had not heard of Warm and Crunchy Granola.  I was a bit on the fence about warm granola but this really tastes great, you add just a little bit of milk to the granola, warm it up for about 25 seconds and you have warm granola.  I picked Apple Cinnamon to try, it has the perfect amount of cinnamon and crunch and when we have it for breakfast or a snack it really does hold us!  My daughters and I have been putting raisins in it just for another healthy kick and we are loving it !!  This really is something everyone should try!!

This is my ninth BzzAgent Campaign!  I am sure that everyone is pretty aware of what Children's Claritin is, but if not here's what it is.   This  is the non-drowsy form for children to help relieve allergy symptoms such as runny nose, sneezing and itchy, watery eyes!  I actually gave this to one of my daughters the other day to relieve her itchy symptoms of Molluscum, which is an itchy skin virus and it really did relieve her itching!!  YAY for Claritin and BzzAgent for letting us try yet another product for free!!!

 Well this is my latest campaign from one of my favorite sites, BzzAgent! This is the Schick Hydro Silk Razor and it is pretty great!  It actually has a hydrating strip on it and with this razor I don't even have to use shave gel, I guess that just depends on what you want to do but honestly you don't need it with this razor!  I typically have super dry skin and I get bumps after I shave but not with this razor, this razor is the best!!

FairTrade Coffee Green Mountain Coffee

Fair Trade Certified Green Mountain Coffee

I am so very excited about the Fair Trade Certified Green Mountain Coffee because I love trying new K-Cups but also because there is such a great story behind this particular coffee.  These coffee bean farmers get money back to put into their communities, even Kelly Clarkson visited Peru and saw first hand how FairTrade works!!  Check it out for yourselves at
I have to say that Lysol Power & Free is my new favorite cleaner, thanks to BzzAgent for sending it to me to try for free!!  I received a tub of Lysol Power & Free wipes and also, Lysol Power & Free spray cleaner!  These products do not have bleach so that makes me very happy considering I have small children and pets, so as I clean with Lysol Power & Free, my family and I do not have to deal with harsh smells or chemicals!!  This is my new favorite cleaner!!

I received TruMoo from BzzAgent for free and if you buy TruMoo you can enter for a GooseBumps Haunted HollyWood Vacation, you can also instantly receive $2 off any GooseBumps DVD! TruMoo milk has a rich taste and the best thing about TruMoo is there are no artificial hormones and no high fructose corn syrup!!  My family and I love TruMoo!!


  1. TruMoo was such an awesome bzzcampaign, thanks for including us!

    1. This was a great campaign and now we get to try Green Mountain coffee!!! Can't wait!!!!

  2. I can't wait until you get your BzzAgent campaign for the Green Mountain Coffee!! I have been wanting to buy this coffee for a while!! I look forward to your review!!!

  3. Let me know how the Green Mt. Coffee is. I love a good cup!

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  5. I was blessed enough to be able to try Green Mountain Fair Trade coffee in Three Continent Blend for free from BzzAgent! This particular blend is very bold, rich and smooth, it has a very deep flavor! Another thing I love about this coffee is that it is not bitter, I always hate bitter coffee but no worries with this one!!! Everyone needs to try the Three Continent Blend it is not only a great coffee but it helps coffee bean farmers to be able to provide for their families and communities!!


Our Vacation

Our Vacation
We had such a great time on our vacation and Double Tree on Redington Beach is amazing!! All of the staff were so nice and the free cookies were amazing!! This hotel is a great value and my family and I highly recommend it if your going on vacation in the Tampa,Florida area!!