I received ZzzQuil for free from Influenster to try and I love it! Zzzquil helps me to sleep thru the night and doesn't leave me feeling groggy when I wake up.  I have to say that I was a bit disappointed that they only sent me a two pack but hey free is free and there was a $2.00 coupon in the box of ZzzQuil. Here is the link to check out Influenster

I have been using the Revitalift Volume Filler that I received for free from Influenster for almost four weeks now.  I can tell a difference in my forehead because my lines are a bit plumped up.  I have been using all of these products daily, I use the moisturizer and the serum in the mornings and then at night I use the eye cream and the night cream. My skin feels more hydrated than before I started using Revitalift and the products to me are great quality, they don't leave my skin feeling sticky like some products do.

I received another awesome box for free from Influenster!  This is the L'Oreal Revitalift box and these products seem to be for real, I have been using them for a few days and I can tell a little bit of a difference in my skin.  By that I mean that my skin looks a little smoother, some of my lines are plumped up a bit!  In this box is a daily moisturizer, eye treatment which has caffeine in it so it's going to wake those eyes up, night cream and a daily serum.  I am excited to keep using these products and I wouldn't be trying them without Influenster!

 We got the Apple and Eve VoxBox for free from Influenster.  We have never tried Apple and Eve before so to be able to try this was a real treat!  This juice is organic and tastes great!  I loved drinking this as much as my daughters did and there was no syrup taste and there is not a lot of sugar at all!  The taste is pure, clean and refreshing!!  If not for Influenster I honestly don't know that we would have ever tried Apple and Eve juice, so I am happy that Influenster allowed us to try this!!

I have to say that the Nurture Box that I received for free from Influenster is packed with such great stuff that this makes it my favorite box yet!!  I received a full size bottle of Attitude shampoo+body wash, this is sold at Target and I really loved it!  It didn't have a strong smell, it lathered up without having to use a ton and it doesn't have the harsh ingredients that some shampoo and body washes have.  The RedVines were not too sweet and they were perfectly chewy, great snack for the road!  The Dramamine always works and never makes me sleepy.  I went to Target to buy the OreIda Easy fries and they are $1.27 there, I was really skeptical about these fries because you put them in the microwave but they turned out perfectly crispy.  We have not used the Blue Lizard sunscreen just yet, but plan to this week and then I will write a review.  I love the Uncle Ben's rice, I got the 5 grain blend french onion.  If you want to get great boxes like this just go to and sign up and start reviewing for free!! 
We received RedVines in our Nurture VoxBox, which we received for free from Influenster.  We took them on our roadtrip last week and we loved them so much!!  They are the perfect candy to take anywhere but especially on a roadtrip, they are sweet but not too sweet and they are chewy and they do not have cholesterol or fat!!  RedVines are truly a yummy candy!!!

My daughters and I tried Reese's Spread for the first time last night and we loved it, this spread is smooth, rich and creamy.  There are so many ways that you can eat this spread but so far we have had it on vanilla wafers and we made banana sandwiches with it today.  My daughters and my husband said that this spread tastes just like a Reese Cup and they are right, it does!!!   "I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes."

  I always love seeing that I have been picked for anything by Influenster!!   Influenster always gives great products, the box I am getting this time is the Pedigree VoxBox and this is Influenster's very first VoxBox for dogs, so we are super excited about getting this box.  We will be doing a video with our dogs as soon as we get it!!  I have a few invites left, so if you want to receive these great boxes too, just email me your email and I will send you an invite!!
So our doggies are truly crazy about these Pedigree Stackerz treats, they are made with meat and our dogs know it!!  I am so grateful to Influenster for picking us for this box and so are our dogs!!  Thank you Influenster for the free!!

I received these Playtex Sport Fresh Tampons for free from @Influenster for free.  I love Playtex as a brand anyways but getting these tampons for free was just a plus.  I have used these while I do Zumba and even when I swim and I can't even tell!!  They are every bit sport and are just a great product over all!!!  You can visit their page at  

This is the #TLCVoxBox that I received for free from the wonderful Influenster!!!  I love this VoxBox so much, it is for Moms and it is pretty neat.  I really always need the Puffs tissues and the Neosporin for kids (because I have some clumsy kiddos):)  The Breyers Gelato is soooo good and creamy, I have to say that I have tried the Vanilla Caramel and the Triple Chocolate and they are both great but the Triple Chocolate is my favorite!!!  As far as the Shell rewards go I am already signed up and you have to shop at Winn-Dixie and a few other places before you can get any money off your gas.  As usual, I encourage everyone to sign up on Influenster it is a great site to write reviews on products that you have tried and to potentially receive amazing VoxBoxes for free!!!  Our GiGi wanted in the pic!!

This is my GoVoxBox from Influenster and the products in here are amazing!!!  My favorite thing in this box is my ProFoot Pedi-Rock, I was completely surprised that this was in my box because we were just about to buy one!!  The Blue Diamond blueberry almonds were so good, one of my daughters ate them all, I only got two almonds:)  The Aqua Spa Lavender Camomile lotion is so hydrating and smells amazing!  The Vitamin Shoppe shakes taste really good and they are filling.  I also, received Playtex Sport tampons, ProFoot insoles and a coupon for free Muller Yogurt, which I am so excited to try.  I encourage you to go to and sign up and review shows and products that you have tried and you could get these great boxes too, for free and everybody knows "free is for me"!!!

Another great product that I received from Influenster, for free of course, was the travel Puffs tissue.  I take Puffs everywhere we go, because we are in constant need of tissues and Puffs are great, they are soft but strong!  I love that I got them for free!

I received the Meaningful Beauty Creme de Serum for free from Influenster and have been using it for about two weeks.  This serum goes on smooth and weightless, it has a great smell, not overwhelming and once you have it on for a few minutes the smell goes away.  This anti-aging serum feels great on my skin and gives a glowy, dewy look to my skin!  The price for 1 oz. is around $30.00!  I suggest giving it a try to see what you think and if you do please tell me how you like it!

Dr.Scholl's For Her Comfort Insoles are my new best friend!!

I have been using the Dr. Scholl's For Her Comfort insoles and they feel amazing! I can actually stay on my feet a lot longer than when I don't wear them, they are like walking on little clouds!!  My feet don't hurt anymore because the insoles are completely protecting my feet.  I am so glad that Influenster sent me Dr. Scholl's For Her Insoles to try for free because now they are my new best friend!
Unboxing my #MamaVoxBox

I got to try this for free from #Influenster and it was very good, packed with berries!! It held me all day!!
My daughter and I ate our Annie's organic mac n cheese that I got free from Inflenster! We loved it, it is rich and creamy and both of us agree that knowing it's organic makes it even better and she says "no more headaches!" Thanks Annie's and thanks Influenster!! #RealCheese


  1. I love how that Ponds BB cream went on, not to cakey and just the right shade.

  2. I love the Pond's BB cream, it does go on perfectly and if you need to you can build on it for a little more coverage!!

  3. I can't wait to try the Pond's BB cream, thanks for telling about it!!

  4. I would like to try that BB cream!

    1. Thanks for the pictures and review of this BB cream! I don't typically like BB creams but I will give this one a try!!

  5. This is an excellent BB cream, it is one of the best out there and the best I have tried!! Let me know how you like it!!

  6. I am so glad I saw your review about the creme de serum, I have been on the fence about which serum to try and I trust your opinion so I will give it a go. I will let you know how I like it.

  7. I love Influenster! I wanted the doggy box but didn't get it!! Can't wait to see you guys unbox it.

  8. The Creme de Serum is wonderful, thanks for your review!!


Our Vacation

Our Vacation
We had such a great time on our vacation and Double Tree on Redington Beach is amazing!! All of the staff were so nice and the free cookies were amazing!! This hotel is a great value and my family and I highly recommend it if your going on vacation in the Tampa,Florida area!!