I am writing this blog post because I am apart of Lights, Camera, Action Mission from Smiley360 and I wanted to share a few things.  My favorite sharing tool with Smiley360 is the Face to Face tool because I love telling people all of the products that I am trying from Smiley360 for free and I love giving out coupons that Smiley360 gives me to share!  The main thing for me is to really try the products that I receive for free from Smiley360, take detailed pictures and share what I have learned about that product because honestly mostly everything I have tried from Smiley360 I hadn't heard of and wouldn't have known about.  So Smiley360 for me is such a blessing because I have truly tried so many amazing products that my family and I still purchase and use!!  If you aren't familiar with Smiley360 what are you waiting for you have nothing to lose but so much to gain!! 

I received Bic Gelocity Pens to try for free from Smiley360 and my daughters and I are loving them!!  The Bic Gelocity Pens write so smooth and they dry super fast and they come in pink, purple and a gorgeous blue.  The best thing about Smiley360 is that products I am not even aware of or am on the fence about I can try for free from Smiley360, just like with the Bic Gelocity Pens!!

I received another awesome freebie to try from Smiley360.  I just got this last week and I have been using these little power pacs for a few days now and so far I am loving them. The biggest reason I am loving these powerful little guys is because they actually dissolve, completely!!!  Honestly, all the pacs of detergent that I have used do not dissolve, they end up sticking to our clothes and then I have to rewash, no matter what I do, whether I fill the washer up with water first then put in the pac then the clothes or the other way around they still won't dissolve.  So using these has been great!!  These pacs have a slight smell to them but it is just a very clean smell, I am fine with it but I typically love a strong smell but I can overlook them not having a strong smell because they actually do what they are suppose to do, dissolve!! 

 This is another mission we are on, well our dogs are on!  They are getting to try Purina One True Instinct and Purina One Smart Blend for free from Smiley360.  As soon as I put this in their bowl they devoured every bit of it and that honestly does not happen!  We have some pretty picky doggies but they are loving this food and I can tell that their coats seem a bit healthier looking!!  I will have to get this food for them from now on because it is the only one that they don't pick at, they actually eat it all!!

I received Seeds of Change to try for free from Smiley360.  I got this great little kit with a great reusable grocery tote, a magnet, recipes and of course my coupons to try Seeds of Change for free!   I was able to find the Caribbean Style Rice with Brown Rice and Red Beans, in a microwavable pouch.  I put the pouch in the microwave for 90 seconds and it came out perfectly.  This particular style of rice had corn, herbs and red beans in it and it really was good, I had it by itself but next time I will definitely mix some shredded chicken in it and maybe make a burrito or taco.  I was suppose to use one of my coupons for simmering sauce but my local Publix doesn't carry it just yet, hopefully before my coupon expires they will have it in!!  I love Smiley360!! 

We received Children's Advil Sugar Free Dye Free Berry flavor for free from Smiley360.  I do not like to give my daughters medication but when they have fever or a persistent headache I do give them Children's Advil.  The taste is great and honestly within an hour or less of me giving this to them they are feeling better so much quicker!  If you love free stuff go to my link for Smiley360!

 I am on another mission from Smiley360, this one is for my daughters to try and it is Dimetapp cold and cough.  Well, unfortunately one of my daughters is sick with a sore throat and cough so I had to start giving this to her last night and she said the taste wasn't that great, she said it is yucky tasting.  I have been giving it to her throughout the day today and she says she still feels the same, so I will keep giving it to her tonight and tomorrow to see how effective it is.  Update: I gave this to my daughter for days and it didn't relieve any of her symptoms, I was really disappointed but really glad we were able to try this product so we could find out that it really didn't work! We received this from Smiley360 to try for free!!

This is another mission that I am on from Smiley360 and I thankfully got it free to try.   My mom was in town for my birthday and I was so glad that I had gotten this mission because we were able to have Tazo Chai tea and my mom and I both said that this tea is very festive, all of the spices that are in this are very fall and winter!  It tastes and smells so good, you can smell all of the spices like, ginger and cardamom!!  You have to try this tea for the fall and winter months ahead!!

Chapstick product 208x208

   I am loving this new Chapstick!  I received the hydration lock moisturize and renew and my lips are feeling so good and I put this on and then my lipstick or lip gloss on top and it makes it stay longer.  I love that I am trying this for free from Smiley360. 

I just received my Arm & Hammer Baking Soda Mission from Smiley360 and I just can't say enough how much I love baking soda!!    I had this mission at the beginning of summer and now I have it again just in time for fall! There are so many things that I do with baking soda, I put it in with our clothes when I am washing, I put it in the cat box, I scrub the sink with it and I even put it in the dishwasher!  There are just countless things you can do with baking soda,that is why  I always keep Arm & Hammer Baking Soda on hand!! Thank you Smiley360 for another great product that I get to try for free!!

 I am on another Smiley360 mission and I am loving this one!  These new Sensi Strips from Crest are amazing, you only put a strip on for ten minutes then you have at least a month of pain free living!!  I have had crown work done, so I have pretty bad sensitivity to really cold things so these have been a life saver for me!!  No more sensitivity and I honestly didn't think it was possible!! Thank you Smiley360 for another product that actually works and I got to try it for free from Smiley360.

 We received the Sleep Number CoolFit Foam Pillow for free from Smiley360 and we can't wait to try this out, we literally just got this from Mr.UPS, as we so lovingly call him!!  We bought the C2 bed from Sleep Number last month and we are loving it so much, it's amazing what a good bed does for you!!  We will let everyone know whether or not we like this pillow, although I can't imagine us not liking this!!

I am on another Smiley360 mission and my husband will be happy about this one!!  I will take Pepcid and review it as soon as I am done with it and let everyone know if it really works or not!  Update:  I took Pepcid Complete and it works great, within 30 minutes of taking this I had relief and the taste is great, not chalky and yucky!

Children's Mucinex Multi-Symptom Cold is my fifth mission from Smiley360.  This actually just came in time because one of my little girls is getting a bit stuffy and is getting somewhat of a sore throat.  I started giving her Children's Mucinex this morning and I will give it to her every four to five hours.  As far as taste goes it is Very Berry and my little girl actually didn't mind the taste of this one, normally it is a battle because of the way medications taste!  So thankful Smiley360 sent this to me for free!


  1. Smiley360 is an online community where you can earn missions by completing your profile, connecting with your favorite brands on Smiley360 Connect and writing reviews about those brands. The more smiles you earn the better! So go to Smiley360 and register!!

  2. I have taken the Pepcid Complete several times and it really works. I got the berry flavor and it really does taste like berries and does not have too chalky of a taste. Every time I take Pepcid Complete, it relieves my heartburn within minutes and lasts the entire day!! Thank you Smiley360 for another great product, that I got to try for free!!


Our Vacation

Our Vacation
We had such a great time on our vacation and Double Tree on Redington Beach is amazing!! All of the staff were so nice and the free cookies were amazing!! This hotel is a great value and my family and I highly recommend it if your going on vacation in the Tampa,Florida area!!