Friday, August 15, 2014

Dot Monster Munch Ice Cream!!

We had a blast at our Dot Monster Munch HouseParty!!  It was so much fun trying all of the disgustingly fun flavors.   We got to try flavors like,  Booger Batter & Polar Bear Poop, which were I believe the most liked flavors, I know our MiMi liked them, a lot!!!!  Polar Bear Poop was vanilla ice cream with chunks of chocolate & Booger Batter was green vanilla ice cream with pieces of cookie & fudge, Tickle Me Pink was strawberry ice cream with strawberry sorbet and an icing flower, this flavor just had such a great taste to me but not everybody at the party agreed.  Another flavor was Speckled Slime, which was another one that I really liked & I believe my best friends husband really liked it as well, it was purple cotton candy flavored ice cream with cherry swirls.  Monster Muck was a flavor my girls liked, it was yellow birthday cake flavored ice cream with a raspberry swirl and bits of icing, oh & little eye balls, the kids loved that!!!  T-Rex Rocks was chocolate ice cream with cookie dough chunks, I think this was my best friends favorite!!  These last two were the least liked flavors and that was Monkey Mess & Snot Rocket Chocolate.  Monkey Mess was banana flavored ice cream with fudge bits & a strawberry swirl, me & my neighbor were the only two that even remotely liked this one, my husband didn't even like this one & he loves everything banana, but I thought it had a great flavor!!  Snot Rocket Chocolate was just a bust all the way around for all of us, it is was chocolate ice cream with a green apple swirl & candy eyeballs, if you like chocolate ice cream mixed with green apple then you will like this one, but for us it was just not very good, fun to try though!!  This Dot Monster Munch is a new creamy ice cream from Dippin Dots and it is really creamy and light.  We all really enjoyed trying these new flavors, you can order them online at or  some Fred's Stores have them, I don't think every Fred's has them but I know some of them do.  When you order online you get a box of eight four ounce cups in all the flavors that I told you about for $19.99, I know that is a little pricey but these really would be great for Halloween & birthday parties!!  This was another great HouseParty & all of it was completely free, just go to & sign up to see which parties you want to apply for!!


Our Vacation

Our Vacation
We had such a great time on our vacation and Double Tree on Redington Beach is amazing!! All of the staff were so nice and the free cookies were amazing!! This hotel is a great value and my family and I highly recommend it if your going on vacation in the Tampa,Florida area!!